Digital Labels


When you're operating on a budget but have the highest standards for quality and want to put your business's best face forward, digital label printing provides everything you want.

Recent advances in digital label printing have finally made high-quality pressure-sensitive labels, electronic shelf labels, and custom labels more cost-effective and highly accessible. Whether you're operating a winery, micro-brewery, or manufacturing specialized product lines, we invite you to explore our digital printing process and its benefits for your brand's visibility, marketing, and bottom line.

At Phipps Label Company, we produce high-quality, four-color digital labels using the latest digital printing technology. We can even add a fifth-spot color when needed! The versatility of digital printing means changes can be made on the fly, with printing options that simply aren't possible with high-volume runs.


Lower Setup Costs

Unlike traditional flexographic printing that requires expensive plates to turn out thousands or even millions of labels, digital label setup is relatively simple. Costs equal a fraction of traditional printing, particularly when projects require smaller quantities.

So, what does a lower setup cost for digital labels mean for you? It means that you can cut expenses in an area that will not negatively affect customer perception of your brand. In fact, we feel confident in saying that you can cut costs while enhancing your brand's visual appeal with digital labels.

Reduced Waste

Before digital printing was made famous for its affordability, accessibility, and flexibility, many companies had to order more labels than they needed because it was the most affordable option. This practice was an incredible waste of valuable resources, like ink, paper, and labor.

Modern digital printing, offered by Phipps Label Company, has changed everything. Now, you can order only what you need, in quantities that make sense for your business and the planet. With digital custom labels, you will reduce waste and your overall spending.

Quick Changes on the Fly

How often have you ordered product labels, only to realize that a change was needed, and it was too late? You had to choose between accepting delivery of the incorrect label or losing that investment and spending it again on the new design. Not anymore!

With Phipps Label, when you order digital labels, things like last-minute color changes, additions or deletions of text, and updating your logo pose no problems. Our digital label print professionals will quickly make those changes in the digital file, send it to you for proofing, and run the print job. It's that simple. That would never have been possible in the past, using expensive printing plates for traditional printing.

Variable Printing Options

Digital labels represent the most customizable label option to date. The possibilities are virtually endless.

For instance, maybe you need 10,000 custom labels printed but want them in batches of 2,000, each with a similar design but containing different logos or company names.

Or. perhaps you'd like to have small batches of custom labels created displaying the names of your salespeople, your customers' business's names, or various locations.

In the past, these types of projects would have been difficult to do and so costly that you may have abandoned the plan.

Today, with state-of-the-art digital label printing, you can enjoy the luxury of custom labels for projects of any size.

Digital printing has made the world of labels simple, accessible, and affordable. Now that you have an idea of all the possibilities available to you, what will your first digital label printing project be?

today to see if digital printing is right for your business!