Digital Labels

Looking for high-quality product labels in smaller quantities?

Digital printing could be the answer for your business.

Recent advances in digital printing have finally made high-quality label printing affordable, making it an ideal solution for wineries, micro-breweries and manufacturers of specialized product lines.

At Phipps Label Company, we produce high-quality, 4-color labels using the latest in digital printing technology. We can even add a 5th spot color when needed.

Plus, the versatility of digital printing means quick changes on the fly and variable printing options that just aren't possible with high-volume runs.

Digital Printing Benefits:

Lower Setup Costs

Unlike traditional flexo label printing that requires expensive plates to turn out thousands or even millions of labels, digital label setup is minimal and costs just a fraction of the cost of traditional printing methods, especially in smaller quantities.

Reduced Waste

Before digital printing many companies ordered more labels than they needed because it was more economical. With digital printing you can order in quantities that make sense for your business, reducing waste and streamlining your costs.

Quick Changes on the Fly

Want to make a last minute color change, add a line of text, or a different logo? With digital printing it's not a problem. We simply change the digital file to reflect your changes before we run the print job. Try doing that with the expensive printing plates required for traditional printing!

Variable Printing Options

Maybe you need 10,000 labels printed, but you want them in batches of 2000, each with a similar design, but a different logo or company name? Or maybe you'd like to create customized labels with the names of your sales people, your customers' business names or some other particular information? Digital printing makes this easy with a ton of variable printing options for virtually endless customization.

today to see if digital printing is right for your business!